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What IS an Imagineer?

The Art of Imagineering

By now, you have probably browsed the entire website and checked out all the forums, and there is a new question on your mind: "What is Imagineering?"In this article, I am going to answer all your questions and let you in on a few Disney secrets. So, read on if you dare…

What is Imagineering?
Imagineering is a field that was created by the late Walt Disney. Imagineers are what Walt wanted to call his "top people." Walt eventually founded the Imagineering concept, which was designed for storytelling in his Disneyland Theme Park. He realized that he needed the top-in-the-field engineers, designers, animators, architects and more to design and run his Disneyland. Imagineering has grown in leaps and bounds since then, designing and bringing to life all of the Disney Parks, worldwide. ANYWHERE you go in any Disney park, you will see something that was brought to life or fruition by a WED associate. What is WED? ‘W’ stands for ‘Walter’, ‘E’ stands for ‘Elias’, and ‘D’, of course, stands for ‘Disney. This is Walt’s full name, which the Imagineering team decided to use for the name of the company. You may see me refer to the Imagineering Department as this from now on…

Imagineering was created to be there for Disney Parks’ guests, by being a group of caring individuals who try their best, each and every day, to make the best and most realistic dreaming experiences in the world. This group of people ranges from 2D/3D Dimensional Designers, to a X-ray Spectral Analysis Team. There are some 150 positions available in Imagineering, and here is a COMPLETE list of them all!

2-D/3-D Dimensional Design
3-D Computer Animation
3-D Concept Modeling
AV Design
AV Engineering Interface
AV Production
AV Systems Engineering
Acoustic Design
Acoustic Engineering
Advertising Design
Animated Props Design
Animation Art
Animation Development
Animation Program Systems Development
Architectural Design
Architectural Lighting Design
Architectural Modeling
Architectural Ornamentation Design
Architecture Production
Area Development
Art & Stained Glass Design
Art Collections Management/ Art Conservation
Art Direction
Artificial Foliage Design
Asset Management
Asset Strategy
Audio Effects Production
Audio Installment Design
Audio Recording/ Mixing
Audio Special Effects Design
Audio Systems Design
Bio/Chemical Engineering
Blueprint Reading
Business Planning & Development
CAD Analysis
CAD Design
CAD Drafting
CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management)
Camera Design
Character Design
Character Development
Character Façade and Plaster Art Direction
Character Finishing
Character Paint Field Art Direction
Circuit Design
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Design
Color Board Production
Color Engineering
Color Separation
Compensation Management
Computer Modeling
Computer Programming
Computer Support
Concept Architecture
Concept Design
Concept Land Use Development
Conceptual Civil Design
Construction Management
Construction Specifications
Contact Administration
Contract Law
Control System Design
Copy Writing/Editing
Costume Design
Cryogenic Engineering
Data Management
Design Coordination
Design Management
Development Management
Dialogue Writing
Digital Animation
Digital Image Editing
Digital Imaging
Digital Media Design
Digital Scanning
Digital Sculpting
Document Control
Electrical Engineering Design
Electron Microscopy
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Imaging
Electronics Fabrication
Employee Relations
Environmental Design
Environmental Graphics Design
Event Planning
Exhibit Design
Fabrication Design
Facilities Maintenance
Field Audio Production Engineering
Field Construction Supervision
Figure Finishing
Film Distribution
Film Editing
Film Preservation
Film Production Budgeting/ Accounting
Film Production Scheduling
Film Projection
Financial Management
Fire Effects
Food/Beverage Services
Forklift Operation
Formatting And Transferring
Fountains and Water Effects Design
Graphic Design
Human Resources Management
Hydro Mechanical Effects
Illusion Design
Image Processing
Imaging Systems Design and Production
Industrial Design
Information Services & Technology
Installation Coordination
Interactive/ Game Design
Interior Design
Interior/Exterior Thematic Styling
Inventory Management
Investment Management
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Laser Cutting
Laser Systems
Lens Design
Lighting Design
Live Event Lighting Design
Mainframe Administration/ Financial Services Contract
Manufacturing Engineering
Market Analysts
Market Research
Marketing Illustrations
Masking Systems Design
Master Planning & Entitlement
Material Application Research
Materials Science
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Services
Metal Fabrication
Metal Working
Model Working
Multimedia Production
Mural Painting
Music Production
Network Design
Office Administration
Operational Analysis
Optics Design
Paint Mixing
Payroll Analysis
Personnel Management
Post- Production Supervision
Poster Design
Product Design
Production Management
Production/ Design
Program Management
Project Coordination
Project Estimating
Project Management
Project Scheduling
Public Relations
Real Estate Leasing
Real Estate Management
Record Keeping
Recording Supervision
Researcher (Film, Marketing, Writing)
Residential Development
Resort Design & Development
Resort Planning
Retail Sales
Ride Control Engineering
Ride Mechanical Engineering
Rigging System Design
Rock Work Production
Rock Work Design
Rock Work Modeling
Safety Analysis
Scenic Painting
Script Writing
Set Design
Set Dressing
Shop and Field Show Art Direction
Show Design
Show Lighting
Show Mechanical Engineering
Show Production
Show Programming
Show Quality Standards
Show Ride Production
Show Writing
Sign/Poster Making
Simulator Design
Site Planning
Software Engineering
Software Hardware Support
Sound Design
Sound FX Design
Space Planning
Special Effects Design And Production
Special Format Photography
Specialty Motion Picture Camera Design
Specifications Writing
Stage Floor Design
Story Writing
Storyboard Art
Strategic Planning
Structural Engineering
Structural Analysis
Studio Engineering
Systems Integration
Talent Development
Technical Publication
Technical Support
Technology Design
Theatre Management
Theatrical Lighting Design
Theatrical Rigging Design
Theatrical Systems Design
Theme Lighting Design
Theme Lighting Production
Tooling Design
Transport Design
Urban Design/ Redevelopment
Vehicle Prototyping
Video Graphics
Video Photography
Video Production/ Presentation
Video Systems Design
Voice Casting
Voice Talent Directing
Weld Fabrication
Wood Fabrication
Word Processing
X-ray Spectral Analysis

So, You see how many fields of work are available under the Imagineering canopy. All these above, are just things that an imaginer might do at work. They each usually specialize in one or many of these fields. In a later update to this article, I will explain to everyone the steps that an Imagineer might follow in order to complete an attraction or experience. But, until then, so long pals!

Zack Back, Site Creator and Moderator