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    It seems like it has been some time since I have updated the web site that so much has happened in the world of Disney. From the Grand Opening of New Fantasyland, to the corporate buyout of Lucasfilm, so much has occured! So, we are going to be announcing news from all around the Disney world from now on, so keep checking back for more updates in the very near future!
    Zack Back, Imagine the Magic Creator
    Views: 417 | Added by: ImagineerToBeZB | Date: 03.07.2013 | Comments (6)

    As time goes on, it gets closer to time for Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland grand opening. With dates planned for later in November, one of the most anticipated events is creeping ever closer to those fans who have been waiting since the first pebble was moved. All our amazement and wonder is just about to be quieted and we can actually set foot in the new world of the Magic Kingdom's classic Fantasyland.

    What are you most excited about in the New Fantasyland expansion? Share with us your opinions on what we may expect in the new area!
    Views: 266 | Added by: ImagineerToBeZB | Date: 10.02.2012 | Comments (2)

    It's good news in the world of Disney this week, since Disney has released the opening date of Walt Disney World Resort's New Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom). In the Disney blog post, they have told us what will be opening as well ... Read more »
    Views: 325 | Added by: ImagineerToBeZB | Date: 08.08.2012 | Comments (0)

    California Adventure's Cars Land is making headlines of many Disneyland enthusiest's pages for bringing in the crowds to Disneyland. The newly added Buena Vista Street has also came into Disneyland by storm, giving Disney's California Adventure a new glow. Vintage looks and vintage treats are bringing everyone to Disneyland to experience the new areas .

    ... Read more »
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    --Walt Disney World Resort News--

    WDW New Fantasyland News- Updates continue to flood in on Inside the Magic, DisneyParks, and other enthusiest's Facebook and YouTube pages. Check them out on Youtube for the latest news at WDW

    Test Track is currently closed for a extensive renovation, with many things set to change. From videos on YouTube to imagineer interviews, there are very few details to what is really going to happen, and what Test Track will become. Test Track is set to open this fall, but according to Inside the Magic, no firm date has been set... yet.
    {For more info on the Test Track changes, see Inside the Magic's
    ... Read more »
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