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Welcome: New Visitors

Hello, and welcome to Imagine the Magic! This site is made with the future Walt Disney Imagineer in mind.

Message to future Walt Disney Imagineers:
I would like to welcome any budding Imagineers to our community, since this is it's designed purpose. This is one of the beginning steps needed to become a Walt Disney Imagineer, since they teach that all Imagineers need to have a notebook or sketchpad of some kind. This allows the Imagineer to dive into their imagination and create ideas, sketches, and models of a could-be attraction. Our site is designed to be your "notebook", with the exception that we allow our guests, and other users to comment and add suggestions to your ideas. To begin, visit our forum and click the park (worldwide) name, then select the particular theme park at that resort. After you enter the theme park, make a new thread and write away! On your idea, we ask you to be very specific, identifying details where they may be present, and remember to keep the DISNEY GUEST in mind. Imagineers usually follow and check a list of "rules" to follow, called "Mickey's Ten Commandments". {To see the completed list, check the files tab, where they can be found for download and printing!} Also, don't forget to add a sketch! It always helps our users to see what you are proposing if you place an illustration or graphic image (from computer paint program) after your idea. Thanks for choosing Imagine the Magic as your "Imagination Notebook".

Message to Our community:
Welcome to Imagine the Magic. We hope you enjoy your visits here, and choose to check out our user's ideas. If you have an idea for an attraction at a Disney Park, feel free to add your idea to our forum. If you want to leave a picture, do so! This site is designed for the general public's imagination. Got an idea for a change in the park? Add a new thread to the park of your choice! Got something that is bugging you about a Disney Park? Add it to the DISCUSSION forum, under a new thread! We hope you enjoy the site, and enjoy the fun of deliberating on ideas for new attractions and experiences in a Disney Park.

So, you see what we are all about: spreading ideas! I hope that you enjoy your time on here, but before I close, know that we do have some general RULES. Please read over the forum code of conduct for the exact rules, but know that we are a FAMILY COMMUNITY. What does this mean? This means that we are basically brothers, sisters, and aquaintances. That means for you to keep language to a minimum, keep your cool while on the forums, be sure to treat others like you would treat a loved family member (with respect!), and be nice! We also ask that all community members keep a honest code. Please refrain from COPYING (in any form, including but not limited to, changing word order), STEALING IDEAS, and other forms of plagiarizing of ideas of any kind. Disrespecting these rules, WILL be a cause for freezing of account.


Zack Back Imagine the Magic Creator and Forum Moderator

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