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Imagination Notebook Forum » Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA) » EPCOT » A New Kind of Show... (Should Illuminations: Reflections of Earth be changed?)
A New Kind of Show...
ImagineerToBeZBDate: Thursday, 08.09.2012, 5:51 AM | Message # 1
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I need you to close your eyes.... go to your happy place: Walt Disney World Resort. Now, take a moment to think of all of the nighttime spectaculars that are in the parks: Wishes, Illuminations:Reflections of Earth, and Fantasmic!. Okay, now take a moment to think of the most amazing new show in ANY Disney park, worldwide: DCA's World of Color. Now, where could Disney place this show (something similar in creation) in Walt Disney World. Can you think of any place? Well, I have did the thinking for you. I have this crazy idea that Disney should remove and revamp the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show from EPCOT. Why? Before you click the report button and start blessing me out, hear me out. WDW needs a show like WOC. Where would be the most likely place to put a show like this in a park? Well, let's break it down: MK doesn't have a body of water large enough to make an effective show; DHS has one small lake, echo lake, but it already has an award winning show, Fantasmic!; Animal Kingdom has a few bodies of water, but little room, and it doesn't stay open as late as the other parks; EPCOT: site of the largest body of water in any Disney park. Hmm.... let's talk it over...

So, we have picked a location to which a show with the likes of WOC could be located. Now let's look it over. First, before you all squall at me for comments on how it could not be done with such a body of water, I have figured out a solution. Since the Showcase Lagoon is so large, it also connects to the canal that leads through a few resort areas which connects to DHS. So, since this is sort of a natural body of water, we need to isolate a 'stage' for the show to be placed in. In response to this, I suggest that Disney would need to add a wall of some kind, or barrier, to block the water from the canals and boating area from the show area, where the many thousands of water jets could be placed. Next, all the water INSIDE the circle of barrier would have to be filtered and created to be a manmade lake. This would also solve the problem with the water having to be filtered to be used in the water jet system. Now, we have to look at the element of the Illuminations that caused the most moo-la: the infamous globe. I have also figured this out, too... let's hear:

Close your eyes again and think of the area where Illuminations now sits, Showcase Lagoon, except empty. The show is beginning, with the water dancing in 360 degrees around the center of the lagoon, leaving a small area in the center clear of all water. This is essential for the climax... anyway, the water has calmed and the WOC element, the water screen (projected with images of movies , or in the case of EPCOT, the world) this blocks out much of the background, since the guests will be zeroed in on the images that are being displayed. Suddenly a globe begins to rise from behind the screens as the water screens disappear. Then the climax of the music is hit and the globe illuminates with a amazing intensity, spinning in a slow rotation. Fireworks and sparks are shooting out of the barge and from the pavillion's surrounding countries. The water is swaying and changing colors in an amazing dance. So, the amazing and breathtaking view comes with a bit of magic, which Disney is famous for. How do they do it? Well, I have the basics of the rising globe all figured out:

First of all, they would need to construct a special watertight shaft, which holds the lift that lifts the globe "out" of the water. The shaft area would be covered with a special waterproof and watertight door on the top, near the surface of the water. The sides of the shaft would jut just barely out of the water. The globe would be in the shaft and with the door closed, they would fill the foot or so of area above the top door with water (to make the shaft virtually invisible to the naked eye, during the day) When it was time for showtime, the water on the surface would drain very quickly, then the door would open and the globe would quickly rise to the surface, seemingly rising from the water. So, there is how the magic happens...

Here is an aerial view of how it would be seperated:

So, my idea may seem a bit wack and I am sure many of you will disagree, since Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is already a WONDERFUL show, but there has to be someplace to put a WOC show of some kind. WDW is one of the only resorts under the Disney umbrella that has not added a show like WOC. So, what do you think? Do you like the idea? Do you hate the idea? Do you think that I am a wacko? Or do you believe in all of these questions? Comment below because I wanna see what other people think of my idea...
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Imagination Notebook Forum » Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA) » EPCOT » A New Kind of Show... (Should Illuminations: Reflections of Earth be changed?)
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