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Imagination Notebook Forum » Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA) » Magic Kingdom » Alice In Wonderland Expansion (Look here for a administrator example of a new attraction!)
Alice In Wonderland Expansion
ImagineerToBeZBDate: Sunday, 08.05.2012, 7:40 AM | Message # 1
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Hello, and welcome to our forum. This message is a real sincere idea for expansion in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

With the release of two Disney films on Alice in Wonderland, I believe that we need to honor this move. The franchise of Alice attractions have only spread as far as the traditional "Mad Tea Party" attraction at many Disney Parks.

So, I believe that an addition should be added to the Magic Kingdom, to more fully immerse the guest into the story of Alice in Wonderland. This addition begins with a story...

"Ello, My name is Alice and I would like to invite you to go on an adventure with me..." Throughout the films and the novel, the reader (in our case, guest) is immersed in an experience behind a very mischevious little girl named Alice. She accidentally falls down a rabbit hole and into a world of adventure. In the proposed attraction, we are going to immerse the guest in a new take of the traditional story. Alice begins by welcoming the guest in a small garden area (near the infamous rabbit hole) to brief the guest on their incoming adventure trip. As Alice nears the end of the speech, she tells the audience that she was expecting Mr. Rabbit. Suddenly, a strange note floats in from aside(not visible from audience, only by alice) and she reads it aloud to the audience. It is a randsom note from the red queen, saying that she has kidnapped the rabbit, and that he was finally right on time for her devious plot. Alice tells the guests that she needs someone to accompany her to find the rabbit before it's too late. She motions to the guests to follow her to the rabbit hole and into Wonderland...

As soon as Alice disappears from view, the garden begins to grow more and more sinister, with the color and life disappearing. Suddenly, a clap of thunder erupts and a flash of lightning accompanies it. Slowly, side doors begin to open as a small amound (sprinkle) of rain begins to fall upon the guests. The guests will begin entering the boarding area, which happens to be a small covered area in the garden (such as a large tree or shed)

Ride story beginning---

Each ride train is new in creation, with a small pane of 'special' glass (explained later) on the front. One row of seating (approx. 3-4 people per row) sits behind the glass. {There will be many of these one row trains on site running simutaneously} Cast members dressed up as wonderland creatures greet the guests and lead them into the vehicles. The vehicles will be equipped with seatbelts, and a shoulder restraint (restraint equipped with surround sound, similar to rockin'roller coaster) As the ride takes off, the cars begin the journey by traveling through a clever maze of trees and high shrubs. Soon, a LARGE tree with a hole into the ground comes into view. Suddenly, from aside, a digital Alice walks from a cleverly hidden screen on the side and onto the glass in front of the guest, appearing that she is leading them to Wonderland. She gestures and tells them to follow her as she jumps into the rabbit hole in front of them. The vehicle rolls forward and gently sneaks a glimpse into the hole, only to be caused by the force of gravity to fall into a slow spiral into an abyss of darkness of magical roots....

What's Going on?---

Above, we left off as the rollercoaster car is plummeting into a 90 degree drop. This is very critical to the ride since Alice is known for FALLING down a hole. So, we can make the assumption that a steep drop, or "fall" is needed for effect. In the drop, I propose that it will be a slow, twisting hang. What does this mean? I am referring to an illusion that could be pulled off, using wind effects, lighting, and the 'special' glass that is in front of the riders. Like Space Mountain, we would pull this off by combining darkness with air flow, so to add the effect of a deep, plummet into a hole. The car would slowly be lowered down a spiral of straight-down track and then dropped to continue the path into the "wonderland" areas of the attraction. During this plunge, a animated digital Alice will be shown on the glass folling in sync with the ride vehicle. This creates a even further effect of falling.

What is this 'special' glass?---

This special glass I keep referring to works something like a tv, except with transparent glass. This keeps the effect of some sort of windshield for Disney to utilize for special effects. This glass will, in !!theory!!, use a sort of tetris, or connect four approach, except with light. This is something that I came up with, but it may not even be possible. Keep in mind that I have yet to begin working on some sort of model that demonstrates my theory in this. If you have any wisdom to add on this transparent screen, please comment below. Thanks!

Back to the ride---

We have just entered the next area, which would be the traditional 'growing & shrinking room' mentioned in the Wonderland films and novel. The coaster will enter the room and immediately enter a banked, angled up, helix. This will slow the coaster from the velocity reached when being 'dropped' from the chain/wire that allowed the coaster to decend through the rabbit hole. The coaster will curve around the room several times, giving the rider a chance to see a holographic (using the same illusion technology as Haunted Mansion) Alice grow and shrink to fit through the miniature door. The ride slows to a near crawl, being propelled with motors to keep it at a steady speed (like a slow, dark ride) and then it exits the room, like Alice, and into the outside world of Wonderland...


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Imagination Notebook Forum » Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA) » Magic Kingdom » Alice In Wonderland Expansion (Look here for a administrator example of a new attraction!)
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